DD Wright Brings Poetic Soul to Internet Airwaves

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UPDATE: The below interview ran the week of the first episode of Poetic Soul. Since then, the show has moved from the 6:30 PM time slot to the 9:00 PM time slot. The show can still be heard live at blogtalkradio.com/poetry2life as well as on demand later in the week.

Welcome to another special Virtual Napkins Interview! From time to time, I invite other writers/ artists to hang out with us for a bit to discuss their craft and art. Today, I’ll be talking with DD Wright, poet and creative writing teacher for a junior high school in the Bronx. DD and I found each other through a mutual Instagram friend, I believe. DD has been busy promoting a new online blog talk show that will cater specifically to poets. I think this is a worthy endeavor, so I wanted to help her get the word out.

dd wrightSW: So without further delay, I want to bring DD into the conversation. DD, thanks for stopping by Virtual Napkins.

DD: Greetings and thank you tremendously for this opportunity.

SW: Now, you are quite an accomplished poet, and I want to get to that in a bit. It’s not everyday that I get another poet through here, so I just have to pick your brain a bit. But first, you’re here to promote the launch of a new online talk show. Tell us a little about Poetic Soul. What motivated you to put this show together?

DD: The motivation behind Poetic Soul is that poetry is not being broadcasted as well as I believe it should. There are many poets that have no outlets for their talent and many readers who know nothing about such poets. With all of the attention that other forms of art receive, poetry also needs a place. I am hoping that Poetic Soul becomes that outlet.

SW: You already have several writers and poets booked for the show. Who can we look forward to hearing from?

DD: There are many poets booked. Most of these poets are people that I have met while promoting my book, Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love. We have a poet named Poetic Soul (how ironic lol) who is working on her first book of poetry. We have Rick Herrera who is a performing artist who writes poetry as well as comedies. Natasha Heed, author of “Pulse” will also be on Poetic Soul. I am also looking forward to interviewing you as well. There will be a Christian poet, bilingual poet as well as many others. I am booked up until mid October.

SW: I’m really looking forward to coming on and chatting with you for a bit as well. Now, let’s shift our focus to your work. I am a big fan of framing creative output in a particular way–creating some kind of a frame for one poem, or organizing a group in a certain order or around a certain theme. You have a couple of collections of poetry out there, one print collection and an ebook, I think. Could you talk a little about the collections and the process you went through putting the collections together?

dd wright 2

DD:   It has been a journey compiling Poetry 2Life which is the first book, available in soft and hard cover as well as ebook format. It took time. I went through all of the poems that I had written over a 20 year time frame and separated them into categories hence the subtitle: Youth. Struggle. Love. I tried to place them in a way that told a story from yonder years to more recent with obstacles in between. Some did not make the cut for the first book because I felt that they would be better placed in the second or third books. Embracing: A Poetic Perspective is an ebook that pretty much includes different types of poems. There are haikus, ABC poems and dedications in Embracing. I look forward to publishing another book very soon.

SW: Oh! When can people expect the next collection to be ready?

DD: Although I do plan to release another book, I do not currently have a time frame for the release. In the interim, I was invited to contribute to a poetry anthology entitled, “A Literary Assault” which will be released in the fall. Aside from that, I am focusing on the success of Poetic Soul. This too, is and will be a learning process for me.

SW: We’re just about out of time. Where and when can we hear the show?

DD: Poetic Soul airs on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  To listen online the site is http://blogtalkradio.com/poetry2life I encourage people to follow the show so that they can be notified of upcoming shows as well as to share it with their followers. The more that are tuned in the better for the poets who will be guests on the show. People will be able to call in while live on the air. The number to call is 516-387-1420.

SW: Will it be available on-demand as well? Or just live during the broadcast?

DD: Episodes will be saved on the website as well, so people who can’t listen live can still hear the show.

SW: Finally, where can people find you and your poetry online?

DD: I can be found on Instagram @poetry2life. My Facebook page is DDWright-Poetry2Life. My personal website is http://poetrybyDDWright.webs.com and my bio is posted on About.me. Thank you for this very engaging conversation.poetic soulRemember to tune in this Thursday at 6:30PM for the inaugural episode of Poetic Soul. Spread the word; tell your friends; use the above image on social media. Do everything you can to support poetry and art.

I’ll be featured on Poetic Soul in the coming months (looks like October). I’ll let you folks know when the date gets nailed down, though, so you can all call in a badger me on the air.

Until next time!


11 thoughts on “DD Wright Brings Poetic Soul to Internet Airwaves

  1. “Do everything you can to support poetry and art.” YES! Great post. I was not yet aware of Ms. Wright, and am happy to now know about her. This interview made me kick myself for putting my own poetry on the back burner for so many years. I agree with Ms. Wright about poetry needing a place, too. I think it has always struggled to get the accolades it deserves. I bookmarked the Poetic Soul site; I *will* be tuning in! 😀

    • Thank you so much for your support! I do hope you have enjoyed returning to the pen 🙂 I also hope that you have tuned in and will join us tonight. Look forward to hearing your voice soon. – DD Wright

      • Hi! Returning to the pen has been life-changing: getting to be true to myself, getting to write because above everything, I have that innate need to do so, and getting to meet other writers, artists, etc.

        If I can’t catch the show live tonight, I will visit the site as soon as possible thereafter.

        Hope you are having a beautiful Friday, Ms. Wright.

      • That is great! What would life and the world be without a pen? I would lose my mind otherwise. Really.
        The show was last night and is live every Thursday at 9pm EST. No worries though, you can visit the website to hear last night’s recording. I hope you enjoy it as well as the digging into self that we do, as writers.

      • I agree, and feel that since starting my blog over a year ago, that I have gained an avenue for keeping — or when needed, regaining — that sanity.

        I feel like a jerk for getting the days confused. My apologies. Clearly, I’m still earlier in the week then the rest of the world. I’ll be writing later today and listening to last night’s show in tandem. I think that I am going to enjoy it very much. It’s exciting in itself to know that there is a current poetry show…! Digging into self — that is beautiful, and that is exactly what we do.

      • I love that! Lol! It’s not laughing matter when you have something to release and no means of releasing it. I always encourage writing and appropriate expression. Being an English Language Arts teacher for the last 12 years it is such a therapeutic tool.
        No worries as far as confusing the days. These things happen 🙂 Please let me know what you think of the show once you listen. I welcome feedback. Happy writing this evening and forever…

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