It’s Been a Long Time–I Shouldn’t Have Left You

Hey folks,

So, I dipped out on you for a little while. And, as anyone who blogs can tell you, when you miss a couple of weeks, it becomes easier and easier to miss more and more weeks. I had a good run over the summer, but when the new semester settled in, I got busier than I thought I would. I also made a vow to finish rewrites on my novel before the end of November, and I made that deadline!

There are some blogs swirling around in my head, so you’ll be hearing from me more often very soon, I hope. As you know, I’m a college English instructor, and our finals are next week. So it may be after that. But we can all start spending some time together again very soon.

If you are a blogger/ writer, and you ever have walked away from it for a while, here is a tip for getting back into the swing of things. Good news always helps–especially if that good news is writing-related. I’ve already told you I finished working on the rewrites for my novel. That’s one thing. But I really popped on to share this:

Tethered by Letters has picked up one of my poems and they are publishing it this month in their quarterly journal. The cover is super cool. It may be the coolest cover to ever have any of my words behind it (shhhh…don’t tell). Check out the announcement below, and then head over to their website for a look around–and maybe a purchase (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

TBLThe folks at Tethered by Letters are working with me on rewrites for another of my poems (one of my all-time favorites). It should be ready soon, and then I’ll have more good news!

I hope you have all been well, and that autumn was good to you. I have really missed writing here. I promise I’ll be back again soon.



8 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time–I Shouldn’t Have Left You

  1. Hi! Glad to hear that you are back! Honestly though, I’ve been away from blogging for a few months myself (not sure when I’ll be returning), so I hadn’t been aware of other fellow bloggers also on break. Still, happy for you that you have been able to get back at it AND to hear that you are not only done some novel rewrites, but this news about Tethered by Letters is also very cool. Congrats! I am happy for you, Shane!

    • Julia! It’s nice to hear from you. I am looking forward to our winter break when I can get in and catch up on some of the blogs I used to read. I’m sure that there are some posts over on your site that I need to catch up on, too.

      I hope all is well!

      • 😀 I miss talking with you, so I am glad that my earlier message was well-received. Yes, please indulge in reading whatever you missed. Hopefully, I’ll have a new one up soon. I actually felt inspired by you today; I was looking to get at stating a new post. But, the time wasn’t there, and it seems like so much has changed in WordPress since my last post in late September. I’m lost now! Gotta figure it back out.

        Yes, things are good. And you?

  2. Congratulations!! It’s all too easy to drop off the internet for a spell, especially this time of year! I’ve been a bit remiss myself… but oh well. Sometimes life just demands to be lived in 3D! 🙂

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