This Weekend’s Brain to Books CyberCon


This is going to be quick. This weekend, I will be participating in the Brain to Books CyberCon on Goodreads. The CyberCon has been organized by the incredibly energetic and organized Angela B. Chrysler. There are, count’em, almost 700 authors from every genre imaginable attending this event. Here is what I said about the event last month on Tracy M. Joyce’s blog:

In short, the convention is expecting hundreds of authors to come through during the weekend (April 8-10). All of the events are held online in the Goodreads Fairgrounds—where authors have virtual booths set up with their books and other materials. Some are even sponsoring giveaways. In addition to Goodreads, B2B Cybercon will be hosting hour-long author takeovers in their Facebook event all weekend. In fact, I’ll be there from 7-8 PM on April 8! If you want in on the fun—and you do—just click over to the links provided and join up.

So I’ve been asked, as a first time attendee, to speculate on the proceedings. I don’t know how helpful I’ll be on that front, but I can say that there are some very cool things happening Backstage at the convention’s fair grounds. There are plans in the works for live panel discussions with authors on a variety of topics from genre discussions (YA for Adults) and world building to writing about abuse. I’m personally very excited for these panels as the panels are often the most rewarding aspect of physical conventions.

Readers that come through can expect to find their favorite authors (and new favorites…ahem) answering questions at their virtual “booths” as well as hosting panels and behind-the-scenes video broadcasts. There are also rumors of a Character Tournament (Heroes vs. Villains). I’ve never witnessed a character tournament, but I can only assume it includes a fight to the death in some way. To the victor goes the spoils, amiright?

Since I wrote that post a while ago, some other events have popped up, including a Cover War where you can vote in a NCAA Bracket-Style Battle to determine the best, most beautiful cover. A Year Since the Rain is entered into this competition, and it would be cool to get your support there (link below). The panel discussions have also been finalized and will be happening on Google Hangouts. I’ve included links below to all of the major events as well as my specific convention schedule, so you’ll know when you can find me and where, if you want to pop in for a minute.

For more information on the CyberCon, read the FAQ here. And be sure to follow along with me this weekend on social media. I’ll be posting links to all of the events as they come up. Follow along with the official hashtag, #B2BCyCon. I hope to “see” some of you there!

Brain2Books CyberConShane Wilson's ScheduleBrain2Books CyberConClick Here for Shane's Booth


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