VN Episode 7: Jeremy Smith and ‘The Singularity’

Join Shane this week for an update on writing-related news. Shane discusses the APA finally allowing for singular usage of the third-person pronoun ‘they’ and Antonio previews the reboot of Stephen King’s It. Finally, Shane sits with composer Jeremy Smith, to discuss his new project, ‘The Singularity,’ a ballet that tells a computer’s artificial intelligence coming-of-age story. We are also celebrating the one-year anniversary of A Year Since the Rain!

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Learn more about Jeremy Smith by visiting his website.

From ‘The Writin’ Round-Up’:
Learn more about Snow Leopard Publishing:

Shane and Jeremy talked for a long time. Their interview was too big and too great for the run-time of an episode of Virtual Napkins TV! For the extended interview, including a discussion of funding for the NEA and NEH as well as a conversation about how Academia is hurting art, check out the video below!


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