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interview logoThis is where you can find a list of the interviews I have conducted for Virtual Napkins. This page will be updated with links to the interviews I conduct with writers, musicians, and the like as they are posted. It is not a vast list yet, but it will grow, and trust me when I tell you I have some really cool stuff in the works.


jeremy smith

Jeremy Smith (Composer)


joe compton

Joe Compton (Host, GoIndieNow)



61CCPTlCISL._UX250_Debi V. Smith (General Fiction)



collyerJS Collyer (Sci-Fi)


-heVAvUrMike Brooks (Sci-Fi)


alyse blackAlyse Black (Singer-Songwriter)



Gina West (Romance)


dd wrightDD Wright (Poet/ Host of Poetic Soul)


PhotoTaylor Eaton (Micro-fiction)


Delilah Dawson Part 146288_489599214411443_1272334119_n (Paranormal Romance)
Delilah Dawson Part 2


If you are an author, a musician, or any kind of artist really, and you would like to be featured on Virtual Napkins, please feel free to reach out to me. Feel free to drop a line to me in the contact form below, or hit me up on Twitter (@A_ShaneWilson).


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