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Aside from this little spot on the web, you can find some of my other work floating around the planet in different places. Below you’ll find titles and links to my work. Thanks so much for your support!

Out Now

TBLCoverFall2014V3.psd“On the End of our Affair” (poetry) is featured in the Fall 2014 edition of Tethered by Letters.

Available from Tethered by Letters



stonepile cover“Magic Brooms,” “All the King’s Men,” and “Stealing Wine” (poetry) are featured in Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volume III.

The poems highlight the relationships between youth and experience, imagination and reality, as well as companionship and alcohol. Available from University Press of North Georgia. Goodreads | Barnes & Noble


wah lum“Picasso’s Playground” (flash-fiction), featured in Wah Lum’s Library: The Freaky Companion Issue to Twisted Dreams Magazine.

“Picasso’s Playground” is a twisted story of a small town that takes extreme steps to eradicate social hierarchies based on physical appearance. Available in the Lulu Marketplace in print or eBook.


shout-them-from-the-mountain-tops-ii-georgia-poems-and-stories-with-art-and-photos“Just Past the Yellow Sign” (memoir), featured in Shout Them From the Mountaintops II: Georgia Poems and Stories with Art & Photos.

“Just Past the Yellow Sign” is a reflection on childhood and growing up. It shows how perceptions change as we age, especially perceptions of parents and mortality. Available from GCTE.

Around the Web

Guest Blog Posts
Stories I Wouldn’t Tell at Home, Volume 1″ for My Muted Voice

“An Exorcism” on Tipsy Lit
“A Poet Survives a Plane Crash” on Chicago Literati
“While Carpooling with my Romantic Interest, I Think of Erwin Schrödinger’s Imaginary Cat” on Contraposition

“Little Dawg: A Band of Artists” for Covington News (4/18/2013)
“Social Circle Native Makes Music Run” for Covington News (6/13/2013)
“Conyers Band Plays with Heart N’ Soul” for Covington News (7/18/2013)
“Singer/Songwriter Finds Inspiration” for Covington News (9/19/2013)

Thanks for reading! Please support these fine publications–print and otherwise. And keep checking back for more updates!



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